FUELAB H/E Series Fuel Pump (47403)


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FUELAB continues to lead the way in fuel pump innovation. FUELAB H/E Series fuel pumps are brushless, twin-screw pumps that represent a giant leap in efficiency and reliability. These pumps use a lightweight, DC brushless motor to reduce current draw. Combined with a twin-screw rotor pumping mechanism, they offer superior priming capabilities and improved resistance to cavitation. Available with flow ratings of 250 to 500 lph (@ 13.5 V), they are simply the best pumps on the market today. They feature billet aluminum construction with an integrated controller.

Features include:

* 3-phase DC brushless motor with neodymium magnets
* Integrated electronics with no speed control
* Billet aluminum, stainless steel construction with flourosilicone seals
* Screw-style pumping mechanism
* Wet motor design, without dynamic shaft seals
* Port O-rings, mating electrical connector, instructions, and performance certification included
* 8 to16 V operating range
* Use only 12 V (6-cell lead acid battery) vehicle systems with or without charging system
* All models require bypass regulator or relief valve to avoid over-pressure operating condition
* Integrated 2-pin Delphi Weatherpack connector
* Integrated cushioned billet bracket system

Fuel compatibility includes:

* Gasoline (pump and race)
* Diesel
* Methanol
* Ethanol (including E85)


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