Emtron KV8 ECU with ABCD Harness

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KV8 Specifications:
Duel 100Mhz processors
8x Peak & Hold / Saturated Injector Channels
8x Ignition Channels
14x Digital Inputs with voltage measurement
16x Analogue Inputs (6 with switchable temperature pullups)
16x Auxiliary Outputs
2x Drive By Wire Channels
2x Knock Inputs
2x Bosch LSU4.9 Lambda controllers
2x Independant Trigger Inputs
2x 5v sensor suplies
1x 8v CAS supply
1x EFI main relay control
32MB logging memory
Onboard barometric pressure sensor
3 Axis accelerometer
4-Channel oscilloscope
High speed ethernet PC communications
2x CAN 2.0B Nodes


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