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▪ KV8 ECU based platform.
o Dual 100MHz processors
o 32MB ECU logging memory
o Over 1000 logging channels available
o 1Hz to 500Hz logging rate
▪ Aluminium 6061 Grade CNC billet enclosure
▪ Compatible with all Emtron proven motorsport features(Launch Control, Rolling
Launch, Anti-Lag, Traction Control)
▪ Upgradeable to run the Emtron fuel model through installation of a flex meter, fuel
temperature and fuel pressure sensor
▪ Idle speed closed loop control using DBW with advanced Throttle Mass Flow (TMF)
airflow calculations
▪ Knock control with high speed digital filtering for each cylinder using the OEM sensor
with selectable centre frequency and bandwidth
▪ Pre-configured Calibration file loaded providing a comprehension tuning platform
▪ Input Expansion Capabilities through DTM connector
o 3x User Analog Volt Inputs (Fuel Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Inlet
o 1x User Digital Input (Flex Meter Input and switch inputs)
o 2x User Analog Inputs
▪ Emtune software for tuning and data analysis
▪ CAN 2.0B Bus 2: User CAN Bus for I/O expansion (Lambda, EGT)
▪ High Speed Ethernet 100Mbps for tuning software connection
Operating Temperature
▪ Recommended operating range: -30 to 85°C (-22 to 185°F)


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