Torco SR-1R SAE 10W-30


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SR-1R SAE 10W-30

Torco SR-1R 100% Synthetic Racing Oils are engineered to protect engines under severe racing conditions and offers the highest level of performance and engine protection. It features a combination of Group IV and Group III base stock technology along with Torco’s exclusive race proven additive chemistry, MPZ®. It provides excellent anti-wear and anti-friction of vital engine components including bearings, cams, cylinders, pistons, rings and valvetrain parts by minimizing frictional losses to deliver more horsepower and torque output. SR-1R Synthetic Racing Oils are formulated to Torco’s proprietary race specific additive technology.


100% Synthetic Formula utilizing a specialized combination Group IV and III technology
Incorporates new generation MPZ® low frictional loss technology
Extreme thermal stability under severe temperatures
Increases horsepower & torque


Recommended from stock to highly modified street to all out race engines. Used for drags, drifting, road racing, off road etc. The proper viscosity choice allows use in supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous applications. Exceeds API category SM performance requirements and intended for racing applications. 

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1 Liter, Case of 12


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