Kiggly Racing 12-Tooth 4G63 Crank Trigger Wheel

$ 500.00(BBD)



Fits all 4g63 including 6-bolt, 7-bolt, DSM & EVO 12-tooth billet crankshaft mounted trigger wheel provides robust, high accuracy engine position. A modified 1 pulse per revolution Cam signal is still required (1g, 2g, or EVO). Allows easy intake cam timing adjustments and supplies a more stable trigger signal, free of timing belt and valvetrain oscillations. Kit includes: 12-Tooth billet trigger wheel, Billet Mounting Bracket, plug-and-play 2g/EVO Cable, Mounting Hardware Requires an OEM style cam sensor PN:MD327107 – Not Included

12-Tooth Version designed for aftermarket ECU’s like Haltech and AEM engine management systems.


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