Gates Racing Performance Timing Belt: Lancer EVO I-IX




Tough enough to take the worst
pummeling your engine can dish out. No other belts help protect your engine and
deliver high performance like Gates Racing Performance Timing Belts.

Yes, the color gives you a hot custom look. But look deeper. Constructed of
HNBR elastomeric composites, Gates Racing Performance Timing Belts are 300%
stronger than stock belts and deliver up to three times the heat resistance. You
can count on them to hold up to the rigors of high horsepower, even with
interference engines.

1. Wear Resistant Teeth. High saturation HNBR
elastomeric composites contribute to the exceptional durability and heat
resistance with aramid reinforcement.

2. Robust Reinforced Tooth Jacket. Durable nylon
fiber provides extra wear resistance, doubling tooth strength.

3. Super Strong Tensile Cord. Added strength
comes from premium, high-strength glass cords.


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