Fuel Tank / Cell Anti Slosh foam




X-TEC Mil-Spec Stabilization Anti Slosh foam for Motorcycle, ATV, Jet ski,  Automotive and Other High Performance Applications Reticulated Polyurethane Fuel Tank Foam    

Approximate size of each piece is 14x6x4″ (can be cut into smaller blocks to match application and tank sizes)

About MIL-F-87260 spec reticulated foam

US Military standards require demanding specifications with built in safety factors.  MIL-F-87260 spec foam meets or exceeds all military specifications for safety, performance and service life.  With 98% void space, this type of reticulated foam is highly refined with precise and repeatable pore sizes, reduced weight and displacement with excellent static dissipation and anti-slosh properties and has been successfully used in thousands of military installations over the last 3 decades.  Currently, many military aircraft mandate MIL-F-87260 foam, including the F-15 Eagle and C130 Hercules.



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