Bosch 2000 cc fuel injectors


Acceptable Fuels: Gas/Petrol, alcohol/methanol, E85, CNG
Unacceptable Fuels: Gas/Petrol containing MTBE, specifically VP Q16 and VP Import or other MTBE oxygenated fuels
Static Flow Rate @ 43.5 PSI ( 300kPa ) w/Gas: 2200 cc/min = 210 lb/hr
Static Flow Rate @ 58 PSI ( 400kPa ) w/Gas: 2550 cc/min = 240 lb/hr
Static Flow Rate @ 78.5 PSI ( 500kPa ) w/Gas: 2865 cc/min = 273 lb/hr
Static Flow Rate @ 88 PSI ( 600kPa ) w/Gas: 3155 cc/min = 300 lb/hr
Static Flow Rate @ 101.5PSI ( 700kPa ) w/Gas: 3350 cc/min = 320 lb/hr

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These Bosch injectors are dynamically flow matched to 1% and are high impedance to work with stock ECU’s.

These injectors are NOT compatible with gas/petrol with MTBE content, such as VP Q16 and VP Import fuels or other MTBE oxygenated fuels

Due to the many variations in injector top spacer adapter length and width per application we are unable to stock this injector.
We can custom order a set of injectors for you upon request, with delivery time approx. 10 working days.


Additional information

Adapter size/lenght

11mm/1" long, 11mm/1/2" long, 14mm/1" long, 14m/1/2"long

Set of

4 Injectors


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