AEM Universal 12 Position Trim Pot Switch


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This is a universal adjustable position switch that can be used with any standalone engine management system to switch between parameters externally.

The Universal 12 Position Trim Pot is for use on virutally any Engine Management System, such as the AEM EMS. Use the Trim Pot to adjust a number of trims, including ignition timing, fuel, boost, etc.


The Universal 12 Position Trim Pot includes: 12 Position Trim Pot with Flying Lead, 2 Brushed Silver Trim Position Decals with ranges from -5 to +6 and 0 to +11, Blue/Red/Black AEM Logo Knob Decals & Blue/Red/Black Colored Knob Decals.

AEM 12 Position Trim Pot
All AEM 12 Position Trim Pots include a flying lead with a weatherproof overmold and 12 inch insulated wires that are color coded in black, white and red.


12 Position Trim Pot Performance Specifications: 

Total Resistance: 14.3KΩ

Cycles Minimum: 10,000

Positions: 12

Degree Rotation: 330 

Mounting: 3/8″ Hole

Jam Nut: 1/2″ Hex

Knob Set Screw: 1/16″ Allen 

Supply Current: 5 Vdc

Output: .See table below

Elec. Termination: Overmold weatherproof body with 12″ leads, 1 Red (Supply Voltage 5Vdc +/- .5), 1 Black (Ground), 1 White (Output) 


 30-2056 12 Position Trim Pot Data


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