Formula V Tire and Rubber Treatment (1 Quart)


1 Quart is good for 3 generous coats




Extend the useful life of your tires at a fraction of the cost of a new set of rubber. Works on all street tires as well as all types of racing tires, including autocrossing, karting, road racing and drag racing. Formula V is not just another rubber softener but actually preserves the rubber and allows racing tires to get sticky when hot after many more heat cycles than would otherwise be possible. Apply it to your trailer tires to extend their life and protect against UV damage during outdoor storage. Use it to prevent rain tires from drying out and cracking.

As a preservative for street tires:
Brush, spray, or roll 3 to 4 coats on clean tires. As soon as each coat soaks in (the tire goes from looking dripping wet to looking just a little shiny), the next coat can be applied. Repeat once a year, before storing the vehicle for the season, or as needed.

For racing tires:
Apply 3 to 4 heavy coats each day for 3 days, then let dry for 2 days before racing. (Applying the first coat Monday will have the tires ready to use on Saturday.) If the tires are used in long heat cycles (road racing, pro drag racing, karting, and circle track), follow the same procedure after each event. Tires which are subjected to short heat cycles (autocross, bracket or stock drag racing) can be maintained with as few as 2 to 4 applications between events. Do NOT soak the tires or apply to the inside of the tire.


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